Grocery Games

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I turn from cartoons to food network hoping to gain some inspiration for my next blog. What do you know,  I got it.  Guy’s Grocery Games was on.  If you’ve never seen the show it is a competition where chefs compete to win a chance at $20,000.  This isn’t a straight up cooking competition, its full of challenges.  There are lots of twists and turns such as items you can’t use or limit on the items you can use.   Not to mention actually cooking with a time limit.  It got me thinking could I do such a challenge?

I’m going to head over to Publix and challenge myself.  What I love about Publix is the buy 1 get one free deals, the fresh fruits and vegetables and the daily meals.  Shopping at Publix really is a pleasure.

I think I know the store pretty well so i should do pretty good with a 5 minute challenge to make a meal. Comment below with what I should make. I’m going to record it and what I cook and add it to the blog.


Stay tuned….


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