Caffeine Roasters Coffee

Caffeine Roasters 2420 W. Kennedy Blvd.  Tampa, FL 33609 Right outside of downtown Tampa is a quirky coffee shop. Caffeine Roasters isn’t your average Starbucks or Duncan Donuts (which I happen to occasionally enjoy) these baristas are built different. My experience started with choosing my coffee.  They had Honduran,  Guatemalan, Ethiopian, El Salvadoran and Kenyan…


Gelato Love

I love, love, love ice cream.  Did I mention I love ice cream? So if I love it so much… what is with this Gelato business?  My husband came home one day with a carton of Talenti Gelato and I was hooked. It became our Sunday ritual.  A carton of Talenti and The Walking Dead….

Visiting an oldie but goodie

Here I am in the city of brotherly love visiting the great grandparents.  We decided to go out for dinner instead of ordering in.  I wanted to try something authentic to the city but after many attempts we had decided on applebees.  To be honest Applebees isn’t one of my favorite restaurants, but I’m also…

DiMeo’s Pizza

831 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 After 10 hours on the road continuing to run from hurricane Irma the last thing I wanted to do was worry about dinner.  I was about to pull into my in-laws and I called ahead to see if they had any food our if I should stop first….