Adventurous, tenacious, brave and bold are synonyms for mettle. All of these words describe the foods I eat and cook and best of all they describe me.  I grew up in a house full of cooks and I find that it makes me feel close to my late grandmother.  I have always had this obsession with taking pictures of my food.  I mostly made collages and that was it.  Recently, my husband told me we were moving to England.  Since I have two children, I didn’t know if working would be an option.  I figured I’d like to work from home if possible.  Then it hit me, Food!  I love cooking, in fact my husband has tasked me with writing a cook book.  What better place to expose my palate than in Europe.  I’ll be able to travel to Italy, France, Spain and Germany and taste authentic food.  Not to mention, the Le Cordon Bleu culinary school has two campuses in Europe.  I’ve already began looking at the curriculum. How Exciting!!!!  So…. I have set out on an adventure to start my own food blog.  I’ll be blogging about anything food related – restaurant reviews,my own cooking or trying new spices.  Join me as MettleFork enters the food blogging world…fork first!20171222_192914.jpg