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SmokinBowls Food Truck

Every first Wednesday of the month, I get excited because the Mayor’s Food Truck Fiesta is held gaslight park.  This Wednesday was no different and I set sail towards the park to see what food trucks were being showcased.  I always slight anxiety over the food trucks that will be present because it’s nice to see new food trucks and not the same ones every month.   Here I was face to face with several new choices and a decision to make.  I proceeded to take what I’ve deemed the famous food truck walk.  This is when I walk by each food truck and read their menu to see if anything appeals to my appetite.  I made it about halfway through and there it was – my Wednesday grub….  SmokinBowls Food Truck.  Their food truck is alluring tricked out with a sugar skull giving it a west coast feel.  Not to mention the name – SmokinBowl.  I was already on cloud nine and I hadn’t even had a bite to eat yet.


I had never had elotes before, but in all honesty I was down to try it because it looked and sounded like something I’d want to get in my belly.  The best way I can describe it is that it is like deconstructed street corn but smokinbowls calls them Esquites.  Packed atop of the corn off the cob was garlic mayo, cotija cheese, house roasted Cali chili powder, cilantro with charred onion cream and a lime.  It may or may not sound like a lot depending on how you’ve had your elites but I can tell you it was packed full of flavor.  And if cheese and mayo aren’t your thing, they also offer a vegan option.  Below you can see the portion size and that was only $4 how can you beat a deal like that?


Loaded Tostones

If I haven’t convinced you to try the esquites perhaps I can entice you to try the loaded tostones instead.  When I say loaded…I mean more loaded than a 9mm in the holster without the safety on.. POW!  These tostones are killing it.  Packed on these to stones are beef, marinated cabbage, carrot and cilantro slaw, cotija cheese, chili salted radish, Colorado red eye salsa and TAHTAS sauce.  If your mouth isn’t watering yet, go see your dentist.  20171101_131921.jpg

Walking Tacos

I did not have the pleasure of trying the walking tacos on this visit but given their reputation on the two former dishes, I’m confident that these hit the mark.  The walking tacos allows you to choose your choice of protein (beef, chicken, pork or vegetarian/vegan) over fritos garnished with marinated cabbage, cumin scented black beans, carrot and cilantro slaw, cotija cheese and TAHTAS sauce

If you want to follow smokinbowls click here and find their schedule.  They run up and down the west coast of Tampa Bay.  When you order tell them Mettlefork sent you!  Hopefully I’ll see you at the next Mayor’s Food Truck Fiesta.

Florida Food Truck

Anju Korean Gastrotruck

One of the greatest things about the food culture these days is the uniqueness of food trucks.  Each truck has its own flair. I stumbled across Anju one evening when I was on a mission to find a food truck for a Trunk or Treat event. One of the greatest things to ever happen to me. Their menu is both simple and elaborate and you can tell a lot of thought was put into their items.  My eyes were bigger than my stomach that night but it was okay because their serving dishes were the perfect to go containers.

Okonomi Fries

Words can’t even describe how good these fries were.  These fries have me wanting to move to Japan they are so good.  The portion size really is enough for 2 people to share. By the time I finished eating them I was full and I still hadn’t touched my mmm bap bowl.  These fries are topped with Japanese mayo,  okonomi sauce,  aonori, bonito flake, scallions and pickled red ginger. I honestly hadn’t heard of 3 of those ingredients so I googled them out of curiosity.  Now I’m sitting here thinking to myself there is no way seaweed is that good. There was a smokiness to the seaweed so this dish yelled comfort food.  I could totally see myself sitting on a couch stuffing my face with this while binging on Netflix.  You can find their link here follow them, find them, eat them  (the fries of course). You won’t be disappointed.