Why should I follow you?

Well honestly you don’t have to.  I’d love it if you did tho.  I believe that the bigger my community the better my content will be.  I love to hear feedback from all of my readers it gives me an opportunity to up my blog.

What makes you different from other food bloggers?

I blog about food…my restaurant experiences and my at home experiences.  I don’t just focus on the photography, I write which is something I noticed not many others do.  I’m also not scripted so there may be a run on sentence here and there food is my strong point not grammar.

What social media platforms do you use?

I mostly use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to share my experiences.

How do you rate your restaurant experience?

I rate each restaurant and experience based on a FORK rating.  F- food quality and taste  O – Outstanding Service R- Returnability K – Kid Friendly