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Have you ever had a food that just screams nostalgia?  That is what happens every time these irresistible banana foster pancakes come to mind. The first time I was introduced to Banana foster pancakes was in the hospital after I delivered my second daughter Sicily.  Those banana foster pancakes were single handily the most amazing meal I had ever eaten (or at least that’s how it felt) and most certainly the best hospital food I’d ever tasted. That year in particular, my daughter was born 3 days before Mother’s Day.  When we returned home from the hospital, my husband along with my oldest daughter recreated those banana foster pancakes for a special Mother’s Day Brunch …[insert heart emoji]. Therefore not only are these banana foster pancakes irresistible and delicious, they pack a heavy dose of nostalgia for me personally.

This Mother’s day, I wanted to share the recipe so all the moms would have a chance to taste the same tantalizing breakfast (hopefully in bed) I did three years ago. If you are a mother who would love to have this, hint to your kids about having breakfast in bed and that you’d looove to have these amazing banana foster pancakes you saw.  If you happened to stumble across this recipe looking for ideas for breakfast in bed for Mother’s day… STOP and let’s get started..
The great thing about this recipe is that most of the items are probably already in the pantry. It is a two part recipe, but very simple to follow.  To start off you’ve got to make your pancakes from scratch.  Any ol’ pancakes won’t do, so don’t even think about grabbing a box of Bisquick or Aunt Jemima. Here is the recipe for my homemade pancakes.

Irresistible Banana Foster Pancakes

There is nothing short about this stack of pancakes and they are most definitely irresistible.  The building  block of the foster syrup is using real maple syrup, don’t short change yourself with the cheap stuff.  This isn’t just your everyday pancake recipe so your ingredients should enhance.  By the time you finish making the syrup, you’ll want to just lick the spoon. The cinnamon and nutmeg are definite stars in the recipe and compliment the maple syrup very well.  When I cook my banana foster pancakes, I prefer to save half of my bananas to add some fresh ones in addition to the fostered ones.  The fresh bananas give just a slight texture difference and enhances the actual banana flavor. If you prefer you can substitute the vanilla extract for rum extract.
Here is the recipe for the banana foster pancakes.  I hope you enjoy it, as you can see my kids could not wait to dig in.

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If you are just looking for a new recipe to spice up your Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast, I got you.
Are looking for a delicious recipe to celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day with breakfast? I got you.
Or you just like pancakes and are looking to try something different, I got you.
This recipe is a staple in my household and it’s kid approved.  I hope you enjoy the recipe!  If you decide to make these, swing back by and let me know how they taste.

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