Breakfast and Brunch Florida

Caffeine Roasters Coffee

Caffeine Roasters

2420 W. Kennedy Blvd.  Tampa, FL 33609

Right outside of downtown Tampa is a quirky coffee shop. Caffeine Roasters isn’t your average Starbucks or Duncan Donuts (which I happen to occasionally enjoy) these baristas are built different.
My experience started with choosing my coffee.  They had Honduran,  Guatemalan, Ethiopian, El Salvadoran and Kenyan coffee beans available.  I chose Honduran… it was familiar, I had been to Honduras once before.  I had coffee made from fresh coffee beans picked right from the mountainside.  Instant Nostalgia!

Next,  I had to choose how my coffee was going to be brewed.. Like what? Usually my only options are small,  medium or large not slow drip or aero brew.  I was so lost I told my barista to just choose one.  So she ground my coffee beans then placed them in a filter and poured hot water in.  The entire process looked like a science experiment.  It was cool to watch.

To accompany my coffee ordered a breakfast sandwich.  The options were plenty and to be honest they all sounded delicious. There was on particular sandwich that caught my eye.

Lemon Aioli Egg Biscuit

For starters, I mean the name says eat me now right? Check out what is in this bad baby…  egg, sauteed kale, lemon aioli, honey baked ham, melted cheddar cheese on a homemade biscuit.  Sounds amazing huh? It was.  That biscuit was so flaky it tastes like someone’s grandma was in the back rolling them out.  The lemon aioli was perfectly balanced with the cheddar cheese and the kale was sauteed to perfection.  I enjoyed literally every bite.  Here’s a peek of my sandwich before I annihilated it.

I went in the lounge and sat but if you don’t have that much time,  you can hit their drive thru.  They offer free wifi to their guests as well.  To top off my experience,  the staff were extremely nice and patient with me.  If you are an all day coffee drinker but can’t make it for breakfast, don’t feel pressured.  They offer a lunch menu too.  To be honest, this is the first time I’ve had my coffee “black” no sugar no cream.  I can’t wait to go back and try other origins and sandwiches.  Well done caffeine roasters well done.


Gelato Love

I love, love, love ice cream. Did I mention I love ice cream? So if I love it so much… what is with this Gelato business? My husband came home one day with a carton of Talenti Gelato and I was hooked. It became our Sunday ritual. A carton of Talenti and The Walking Dead. We have eaten about 50 cartons easily and I may feature a review of each flavor later. I was completely surprised this past Sunday when in walks my husband with a new type of Gelato


Why is heaven in a plastic container? I literally had to shut the container and put or away. I was about 3 spoonfuls away from gluttony with this one… It’s sinfully delicious so much so you don’t want to stop eating it. This Gelato is unique because it is soft and smooth almost creamy. The flavor I had was a cheesecake di fragola. It tasted so fresh almost if it had just been made and you could literally feel the strawberry seeds (a welcome sign that it isn’t just strawberry flavored). Lastly, it’s authentic… it is literally made in Italy and shipped to the US. The only downside is that it is about 6 dollars for a pint and trust me a pint isn’t enough of this goodness. But don’t think for one second that 6 dollars will keep me away from my new obsession.
I’m looking forward to trying new flavors and even promoting new flavors on my blog after I’ve tasted them.. wink…wink. If you are one of my followers try it at least once. It’s gluten free, vegetarian friendly and amazing. Let me know what you think.

Dinner Lunch

Visiting an oldie but goodie

Here I am in the city of brotherly love visiting the great grandparents.  We decided to go out for dinner instead of ordering in.  I wanted to try something authentic to the city but after many attempts we had decided on applebees.  To be honest Applebees isn’t one of my favorite restaurants, but I’m also not one to make a fuss over food.  When we arrive at Chili’s instead of Applebee (by mistake) I was much much happier.  I mean who doesn’t love those baby back ribs?

Honey – Chipotle Chicken Crispers

I decided to order a take on chicken and waffles. It had that fancy word new next to it.  I love to try new foods so why not? The honey chipotle crispers and waffles. These crispers were covered in a honey -chipotle  sauce and placed atop a Belgium waffle then covered with applewood smoked bacon and drizzled with ancho-chili ranch and topped with a jalapeno pepper. It’s served with a side of french fries and honey chipotle dipping sauce.

These pictures don’t really do the meal any justice because that first bite was amazing.  Sweet,  spicy and savory all in one.  All you could hear was me mumbling mmm…mmm…mmm.  It was great,  however something was off.  It was too sweet,  I wasn’t sure if it was the glaze so I took the crisper off and just ate that.  Turns out it was the waffle. It was almost as if it had been dipped in sugar and crystallized.  If you suffer from diabetes beware… it was sweet.  Now I will say it didn’t seem consistent and the entire waffle wasn’t crystallized on every portion. I know it would be more time consuming but fresh waffles would have made this dish 1000× better.  Overall it was still good and I had two of the leftover bites the next morning.  They held up pretty well to being microwaved too.  It is a dish I recommend you try and I’d eat it again, just be mindful the sweetness can be a bit much.


DiMeo's Pizza

831 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801

After 10 hours on the road continuing to run from hurricane Irma the last thing I wanted to do was worry about dinner.  I was about to pull into my in-laws and I called ahead to see if they had any food our if I should stop first.  Of course they asked what we wanted to eat and I gave the choice to my daughter.  Her choice? Pizza…. fine that’s easy, quick and delicious.  Now I must admit, I was fully expecting regular carry out i.e. Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos you know the corporate pizza places.  But boy was I was in for a pleasant surprise.

DiMeo’s Pizza slogan is “It’s good being the best!” #goodslogan


This pizza was everything! It wasn’t the kind of “because you are starving good pizza” it was someone tossed this by hand and used grandma’s authentic Italian recipe good pizza.  It is packed with mozzarella and ricotta cheese, mushrooms, sausage and San marzano tomatoes. I literally inhaled my first slice.  The mushrooms were still juicy, tasted like they had been sauteed and quite frankly were the star of the pizza.  The ricotta cheese seemed as if it just melted with each bite.  After I ravaged my first slice,  my taste bud kindly reminded me I forgot to take a picture.  She was right… another slice was needed to ensure this awesomeness was captured. 😁

Alright… alright enough looking at my pizza slice,  if you visit Wilmington,  DE order DiMeo’s and get your own.  They also offer delivery.

MettleFork Kitchen

Mini breakfast quiches

This morning I was off the hook for cooking breakfast.  Everyone had grabbed a bowl of cereal.  Don’t you just love mornings like that? Sleeping in,  cartoons and cereal that’s what Saturday mornings are made of.  I, however was not in the mood for a bowl of cereal.  I just completed a trip to the grocery store, so my fridge is packed full of fresh vegetables ready to use. I must admit  cereal was definitely the quicker option but mini quiches was the funner one.   They are a cuter version of an omelete or loaded scrabble eggs.  Besides I wanted to channel my inner chef lol.
In case you are interested,  here’s how I made them.  First,  I gave a though chop to my veggies. This morning I chose tomatoes,  mushrooms and some cilantro.

Chopped vegetables

Next crack 6 eggs and season with salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder to taste and add 2Tbsp of milk. I personally don’t even use enough to actually measure.
Eggs before the beating

Now it’s time to start assembling the mini quiches.
Place the vegetables in the muffin tins

It’s almost time to pop them in the oven.  I’ve preheated the oven to 350° and once the oven is ready I’ll pop them in.
Fill each cup evenly and bake for 25 minutes

Once they are done,  pull them out the oven and remove them from the muffin tin.  They are ready to eat with your favorite topping. I loved the sour cream and picante salsa combo.

I certainly enjoyed making these mini quiches this morning.  Its something I’ve been wanting to make for quite some time. They are great to make ahead of time and just grab for a quick breakfast. Cereal was definitely not missed today.


Beating Beets

Yesterday I cooked something I’ve never cooked before.  In fact out of all the vegetables, it was 1 of 3 I steered clear of : Radishes, Cauliflower (which I now love) and Beets. I was shopping for dinner and I came across the beets only this time they were spiralized.  How can you resist spiral veggies?  I went for it and threw them in my cart besides, they were only $2 so it wouldn’t be too much of a waste if I hated them.
I got home with literally no direction for cooking these beets.  I tasted a piece…. blaaah just as I remembered not so tasty.  Should I make a beet salad, cook them, throw them out?  I decided to roast them and drizzle them with balsamic reduction based on a recipe I found.
I had to get a little creative with the rest of dinner.  I cooked some corn on the cob and cut the kernels off (something I’ve been dying to do).  Then I added the corn (about 1.5 cups) to a pan of sauteed onions and got a nice char on them.  Next I added some diced red pepper and let it cook.  Then I added shrimp and minced garlic.  I added about 2 Tbsp of chopped cilantro and lastly two handfuls of baby spinach leaves. Once that cooked down I added in the roasted beets.  I splashed a little more balsamic reduction over the plate and voila! I had created a new meal. My husband thoroughly enjoyed it as did I, beets and all.
Here’s a picture of the finished product.

I beat my fear of beets!