Thu. May 30th, 2024

Here I am in the city of brotherly love visiting the great grandparents.  We decided to go out for dinner instead of ordering in.  I wanted to try something authentic to the city but after many attempts we had decided on applebees.  To be honest Applebees isn’t one of my favorite restaurants, but I’m also not one to make a fuss over food.  When we arrive at Chili’s instead of Applebee (by mistake) I was much much happier.  I mean who doesn’t love those baby back ribs?

Honey – Chipotle Chicken Crispers

I decided to order a take on chicken and waffles. It had that fancy word new next to it.  I love to try new foods so why not? The honey chipotle crispers and waffles. These crispers were covered in a honey -chipotle  sauce and placed atop a Belgium waffle then covered with applewood smoked bacon and drizzled with ancho-chili ranch and topped with a jalapeno pepper. It’s served with a side of french fries and honey chipotle dipping sauce.

These pictures don’t really do the meal any justice because that first bite was amazing.  Sweet,  spicy and savory all in one.  All you could hear was me mumbling mmm…mmm…mmm.  It was great,  however something was off.  It was too sweet,  I wasn’t sure if it was the glaze so I took the crisper off and just ate that.  Turns out it was the waffle. It was almost as if it had been dipped in sugar and crystallized.  If you suffer from diabetes beware… it was sweet.  Now I will say it didn’t seem consistent and the entire waffle wasn’t crystallized on every portion. I know it would be more time consuming but fresh waffles would have made this dish 1000× better.  Overall it was still good and I had two of the leftover bites the next morning.  They held up pretty well to being microwaved too.  It is a dish I recommend you try and I’d eat it again, just be mindful the sweetness can be a bit much.

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