A hop across the pond

Hello fellow bloggers, family, friends, followers and soon to be framilowers…(Friend, Family, Follower, Blogger) it has been awhile since I have written but for good reason. My family recently made a HUGE move! We moved to England! Exciting right? Well to be honest it was both exciting and scary. For starters I was without 99%…


October 28th is National Chocolate Day!

I hope it’s your cheat day because it’s National Chocolate Day. Chocolate is like a multi purpose tool. It’s an aphrodisiac, a PMS notifier, a food staple. I mean the list could go on and on. I plan on consuming as much chocolate as I can because National Chocolate Day deserves to be honored.

Gelato Love

I love, love, love ice cream.  Did I mention I love ice cream? So if I love it so much… what is with this Gelato business?  My husband came home one day with a carton of Talenti Gelato and I was hooked. It became our Sunday ritual.  A carton of Talenti and The Walking Dead….

Beating Beets

Yesterday I cooked something I’ve never cooked before.  In fact out of all the vegetables, it was 1 of 3 I steered clear of : Radishes, Cauliflower (which I now love) and Beets. I was shopping for dinner and I came across the beets only this time they were spiralized.  How can you resist spiral…