Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Eggs Benedict has to be one of my favs for breakfast.  I thought making breakfast was easy, you know scramble some eggs, fry some bacon, flip a few pancakes – Voila!  I’ve always been able to cook exactly what I wanted to eat.  This held true until the morning I decided making Eggs Benedict would be a good idea.  I knew the basic composition of Eggs Benedict and I also knew that the eggs were poached.  Perhaps the reason I ordered them so much when I ate out is because I didn’t know how to poach an egg.   So there I stood in my kitchen, master plan in mind with no place to start.
Google!  It’s so much faster than a cook book.  I googled “how to poach an egg”  and what do you know instructions came up.  I clicked through a few links to find the easiest method.  I mean let’s be honest here I’m a novice at this egg poaching thing, why would I try to do it like a pro.  So the instructions were to fill a pan with water, bring it to a semi boil and then swirl it around with a whisk. Once the water is going at a good rate, you gently lay the cracked egg in the middle of the swirl.  The idea is that the swirl will prevent the egg white from spreading.  Cover the skillet for 5-6 minutes and you are done.  Let me just say, the directions are nothing like real life Lol.  I successfully poached two eggs and made my Eggs Benedict but I immediately went on the search for an egg poaching gadget.
For my Eggs Benedict dish I toasted an English Muffin, sautéed asparagus, cherry tomatoes, garlic and mushrooms in a skillet.  I topped the english muffin with prosciutto then the poached egg.  Next I layered the sautéed vegetables, a sour cream sauce and finished with minced cilantro.  I will post the recipe and all ingredients in the recipe section.  This is a dish I definitely will make again and again until it is absolute perfection.  And now I can have Eggs Benedict whenever I’d like.

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