My rating system isn’t too complicated but it includes more than just the food itself.  Many people go back to many food establishments that serve mediocre food because of the service.  Likewise, many people will not return to a food establishment that makes kick ass food because of the service.  My overall rating system includes all of the following.

Fork Rating     Picture1

F- Food Quality, Taste and Presentation – The food looks good, quantity is commensurate with cost, the food actually tastes as good as it looks.

O- Outstanding service – great service from the hostess, wait/bar staff and management

R- Returnability – How likely I am to return again. 

K- Kid Friendly – A kids menu is offered, diaper changing station available

To total the overall rating each category will receive 1 prong or 1/4 point to equal 1 fork.

4 Forks – Superb

It’s the cream de la creme baby…I would definitely return and highly recommend.  In fact I’m probably salivating in my sleep thinking about the food. If it is superb then it is a world class restaurant.  The restaurant is kid friendly and the service is out of this world.

3 Forks – Great

The food is great, I would probably spend $100.00 easily just to eat there.  Granted everything has to be taken into consideration of its category.  A food truck can be just as great as a 5 star restaurant.  It’s all relative. The establishment is kid friendly and has wonderful customer service.

2 Forks – Good

The food is good and I would probably eat here regularly. The food establishment may be partially kid friendly and the service is decent. 

1 Fork – Poor

Don’t go, I wouldn’t go back.  The service is poor, the food was bad and it isn’t kid friendly.  Run!