Breakfast and Brunch Florida

Best Benedict's in Tampa Bay

Eggs Benedict has to be the King of Brunch.  It is featured on almost every brunch menu and if it’s not then you should get up and leave.  I’ve been on a quest to try as many brunch spots as I can in Tampa.  These aren’t just your basic eggs Benedict, the chef’s at these places have spent time thinking of how to creatively craft together masterpieces.  This  is a list of the places in Tampa that have the BEST Eggs Benedict.

Boca Brandon

20170722_120210BBQ Pork on toast with perfectly poached eggs with a side of potatoes. It’s so rustic and southern comfort on a plate.

Noble Crust


Smoked salmon, sautéed spinach and a perfect poach on a biscuit. Jaw dropping and mouthwatering.

Timpano Tampa


Smoked Salmon and bacon that is served on top of Na’an bread. Everything about this is yes, yes, yes.

The Lodge


Sautéed shrimp, Asparagus, Tomato topped with a little tempura asparagus served on a sourdough muffin.  This eggs benny means serious business.

If you have a place you would like to nominate then submit it to here.

Breakfast and Brunch Florida

Noble Crust

Noble Crust – Wesley Chapel

28330 Paseo Drive, Wesley Chapel, FL

I follow several local restaurants on Instagram and with so many great options around the Tampa Bay area it’s hard to get to them all right away.  I had been putting off going to Noble Crust despite their relentless posts of delicious looking food trying to lure me in.  But when I saw that Noble Crust won best brunch earlier in the week, I had to go check them out I could procrastinate no longer.  Now, if you’ve been following me on any of my social media you would know that brunch has become a thing.  To get voted the “Best of the Bay” is a big accomplishment…there is a lot and I mean a LOT of good brunchery to be had.  I wanted to in the in crowd..the crowd that has experienced a Noble Crust brunch.

Fried Green Tomatoes

I’m a country girl and we fry green tomatoes in Oklahoma.   I have never had one like this! Pimento cheese, pork belly… yes you read that correctly pork belly and tabasco-honey glaze atop a perfectly fried green tomatoe. There were only two so I had one and my husband had the other.  These were easily some of the best fried green tomatoes I’ve ever had. This hit almost every tastebud. There was sweet from the honey,  salty from the pork belly,  spicy from the tabasco and savory from the pimento cheese and tomatoes.  If you’ve never had fried green tomatoes try them, if you have still try them.. or don’t that’s more for me.  The only disappointment you will have is that there are only two.

Chicken and Waffles

My husband ordered the chicken in waffles.  Turns out it is one of their most requested items.  Once you taste them you will see why.  The chicken and waffles is paired with the same honey-tabasco sauce as the fried green tomatoes and a maple syrup so you can choose which one you like most.  Let’s just say by the time I had finished stuffing myself with my food; I had to beg for a taste from my husband so I could have an honest review. The chicken was fried well and it had a nice crisp to it.  It didn’t get all soggy after you poured the syrup on it.  The waffles were nice and thick and browned to perfection.  If you’ve ever had a soft waffle you know what I mean.  The ratio was just right so by the time he finished he didn’t have more chicken left over than the waffle. Hat’s off to the chef for this one.. I wonder if his name is Roscoe?

Bronzed Salmon Benny

My oh my we’ve finally gotten to the main event.  My Benny my boo! As many of you know I rank my Benedict’s and this one is a top contender.  The bronzed salmon benny had poached eggs, salmon… nice thick chunks of salmon with sauteed garlic swiss chard a lemon-dill hollandaise sauce on a buttermilk biscuit.  I just love lemon and dill together; there is just something about it that says fresh.  Not to mention both lemon and dill go well with salmon.  This was the first time I had tasted swiss chard.  I’m usually a spinach and kale kinda gal.  I must say I was impressed and I will be adding swiss chard to my wheelhouse soon.
I also had a side of four cheese grits and let me tell you.. whew.  If you are a cheese grits lover then these are just for you.  The combination of cheeses was just right, even my 7 year old liked them.  I couldn’t keep her out my bowl.


Chocolate Chip Pancakes

My daughter ordered the chocolate chip pancakes and they were scrumptious.  I managed to sneak a piece away when I was cutting them up for her.  The portion size is large enough for an adult, but don’t order off the kiddie menu guys…there are some lemon, blueberry and ricotta pancakes waiting for you on the adult menu.
Lastly, I would be amiss if I failed to mention the complimentary mimosa served with the order of a brunch plate.  So cheers!! And congrats to Noble Crust on winning the best of the bay brunch.   You definitely deserve it.

Breakfast and Brunch U.S.A

Green Eggs Cafe -Philadelphia, PA

On my second trip to Philly, I stopped by the one breakfast/brunch restaurant that is a must – Green Eggs Cafe.  Before I started food blogging my friends brought me to Green Eggs Cafe and that experience was life changing, I’ve thought about it for over a year.  Quite frankly it should be on my top 5 breakfast places found here but since I wasn’t officially blogging I didn’t include it.  I had the red velvet pancakes which obviously must still be a hit because they are still on the menu.  This time I decided to try two items on their menu which proved to be difficult.  After all they had 6 Eggs Benedict options and ya’ll know how I am about my eggs benny. None the less here’s a review of what we had.

Pecan Pie French Toast

You know the part at the end of your prayer when you say Amen?  Say it twice because this french toast is a blessing. I have never..Ever..EVER had french toast this good.  It is the perfect balance between sweet and savory and good down to the last pecan.  Here’s the breakdown of this masterpiece.  First you start with two pieces of challah bread dipped in cream brûlée batter….wait what?  Cream brûlée batter..*insert drool*  then it is stuffed with pecan pie filling *screams hallelujah* and lastly it is topped with maple syrup, vanilla streusel, chantilly cream and pecans.  Go ahead and say it….AMEN!  I stopped eating this only to share with my daughter (who instantly fell in love) and to breathe. If this is on the menu when you visit…get it! Don’t hesitate, don’t think about something else, like Nike says Just Do It!

Eggs Benedict

You’ve heard of chicken and waffles I’m sure…but a chicken and waffle benny…that’s a whole new level.  I loved that my waffle was cooked fresh..I could literally taste the waffle iron on it.  The chicken was cooked well and the perfectly poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. MWAH!  The rosemary potatoes were great as well but the star of this dish was definitely the chicken and waffle benny.  This is a must try when you visit.

Steak and eggs

My husband ordered the steak and eggs…a more traditional breakfast staple but don’t let that fool you.  The steak was cooked perfectly and seasoned well. The grits were off the chain and the eggs well, they were eggs.  I think the secret was in the spinach that is was layered over.  It added a sophisticated element to the entire dish.

Steak with Eggs and Cheese Grits

Hot Chocolate

Because no little girls meal is complete without a cup of Hot Chocolate.  She didn’t share but it looked amazing lol.

There are locations in Philly and Miami so find one ASAP and stop in for Brunch.