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To peck at something means to slowly eat at it little by little. But Peck 20 will have you writing Webster’s dictionary to redefine the word.  While vacationing in Brussels with my family and friends, I looked up food in Brussels on Instagram and Peck 20 appeared.  Brunch all day?? Um hell yeah!  Up the hills and over the cobblestones we set off in search of greatness.  We planned our trip by looking at google maps and it was a mere 20 minute walk from our hotel. If you’ve ever been to Belgium you know the cobblestone streets present a challenge for adults at times. Yet here we were pushing a pram over cobblestone roads on a mission to get to Peck 20s…..I’m letting you know now, it was worth the trip.

We arrived shortly after breakfast which was a little disappointing because after reading the description on the menu their pancakes and smoothie bowls sounded delicious.  Next time we will get there before 11:30am for sure! 

Their menu offers gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options which is refreshing for those with dietary restrictions.  Additionally, they have indoor and outdoor seating available but parties bigger than four can be a bit of a challenge due to their demand.  Don’t be discouraged, we waited and were fortunate enough to sit our party of 6 by combining two tables.  Now on to the important stuff…..



What do you get when you combine a Belgian waffle with breakfast?  Well for me it was a happy plate.  There are 5 different Peck Waffles to choose from and I almost ordered every single one.  What I love about their menu is that they included a waffle for the vegetarians.   I ordered the drunken sailor waffle which was a homemade leek waffle topped with two poached eggs with “groovy gravlax” salmon and their psycho sauce. 

Leeks are vegetables that belong to the same genus as garlic, onions, and chives.  

Surprisingly the waffle did not have an overwhelming leek taste. The consistency is the same that you would expect from a regular waffle.  The addition of the salmon and psycho sauce just took it over the top.




The real star is the Speachless Waffle which probably got it’s name from the fact that it will literally leave you speechless.  The only thing that could be heard were moans of complete and utter satisfaction.  Get this…the waffle is a chorizo waffle…topped with house fried chicken, two poached eggs, grilled cheddar AND bacon then topped off with a little psycho sauce as if this waffle wasn’t crazy enough. My husband ordered that and I only got a bite…Next Time I will order one for myself. 




What’s a proper brunch if there are no drinks involved.  Peck 20’s has something for everyone.  If you fancy coffee, they’ve got it.  Fresh pressed Juice more your thing??  They’ve got that too.  And if you just happen to need a pick me up from the night before.  Guess what?  They’ve got you covered.  I ordered a Bloody Mary made with jalapeno infused vodka. *insert your favorite comic strip fight sound*  Pow….Bam…Zing  it had it all.  The spicy kick on that drink was great.  I also ordered a fresh pressed apple and ginger juice and man o’ man was it great.



If you are looking for one of the best breakfast/brunch eateries around, then Peck 20’s is where it’s at.  Next time you are visiting Brussels, stop by Peck 20 for breakfast or brunch.  You won’t be disappointed and tell them Mettlefork sent you.


As always lovelies, 

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