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Bacon and Shrimp Linguini Toss

This bacon and shrimp linguini toss has been a weeknight staple in my house for nearly a decade.  It has brought many smiles, full bellies and happy plates and is still the most requested pasta dish in my household.  You know you’ve got a winner when picky two year old’s clean their plates and ask for seconds and thirds.
Now I wouldn’t say it is the healthiest when you think about the bacon and cheese but it definitely worth a cheat day if you are going on a low carb diet.
Bacon and Shrimp Linguini Toss
I have made many variations of this linguini toss, bacon no bacon, shrimp, chicken you name it, I’ve tried it.  This is my go to pasta dish when I don’t know what to cook for dinner.  The reason this a staple in my house is because 90% of the time I already have both the pantry items and the perishables readily available.  Both the perishable and pantry items I pick up regularly to keep as staples because they are often used in many of my other recipes.
Pantry items:
Linguini pasta
Roasted, diced tomatoes
Chicken Stock
Bell Peppers
Cream cheese
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To make this recipe vegetarian friendly substitute the chicken stock for vegetable stock.  It does not take away from the flavor essence of this recipe.  I often use this substitute on meatless monday.
If you are not big on shrimp or bacon, you can also substitute with chicken.
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Forks Up!

Copenhagen International

DØP hot dogs in Copenhagen are dope

Remember the OSCAR MAYOR song? If you do.. congratulations you just dated yourself.  If you live up North then you are probably a Nathan’s hot dog fan and if you live down south you most likely enjoy ballpark franks. Regardless of what your hit dog preference is døp hot dogs will run circles around them. They are literally in a class of their own.

Whoever fed Phil…feed me too

I must say a huge thanks to Phil Rosenthal for recommending this place on the show.  On my recent trip to Copenhagen I went on a scavenger hunt to find døp and see if it truly lived up to the hype. My husband was skeptical all the way up until the first bite.

I ordered a couple of different hot dogs with the intention of getting to try them all. Do you all know he wouldn’t share his? The one that I got him….just stingy. He finished his off and went back for seconds. I don’t know what it is that makes Copenhagen dogs so special. Perhaps it’s the special mustard that complements the sweet pickles or maybe it’s the ketchup?? I don’t know but what I do know is that these døp dogs are dope. You can’t really go wrong with any choice you make. You can get any of the sausages on a bun so you don’t have to feel pressured to get a hot dog instead of a sausage. Additionally, the side of mashed root vegetables that came with the sausage were perfect for my toddler.

Franks are dogs and dogs are weiners so does that mean that Frank is a weiner?

Best hot dogs in Copenhagen at døpDøP hot dog stand“Doggonit” my hot dog is gone
If you are running around the city center be on the lookout for døp I promise you won’t regret it. I’m already looking at flights to get back.
Florida Food Truck

Anju Korean Gastrotruck

One of the greatest things about the food culture these days is the uniqueness of food trucks.  Each truck has its own flair. I stumbled across Anju one evening when I was on a mission to find a food truck for a Trunk or Treat event. One of the greatest things to ever happen to me. Their menu is both simple and elaborate and you can tell a lot of thought was put into their items.  My eyes were bigger than my stomach that night but it was okay because their serving dishes were the perfect to go containers.

Okonomi Fries

Words can’t even describe how good these fries were.  These fries have me wanting to move to Japan they are so good.  The portion size really is enough for 2 people to share. By the time I finished eating them I was full and I still hadn’t touched my mmm bap bowl.  These fries are topped with Japanese mayo,  okonomi sauce,  aonori, bonito flake, scallions and pickled red ginger. I honestly hadn’t heard of 3 of those ingredients so I googled them out of curiosity.  Now I’m sitting here thinking to myself there is no way seaweed is that good. There was a smokiness to the seaweed so this dish yelled comfort food.  I could totally see myself sitting on a couch stuffing my face with this while binging on Netflix.  You can find their link here follow them, find them, eat them  (the fries of course). You won’t be disappointed.


Beating Beets

Yesterday I cooked something I’ve never cooked before.  In fact out of all the vegetables, it was 1 of 3 I steered clear of : Radishes, Cauliflower (which I now love) and Beets. I was shopping for dinner and I came across the beets only this time they were spiralized.  How can you resist spiral veggies?  I went for it and threw them in my cart besides, they were only $2 so it wouldn’t be too much of a waste if I hated them.
I got home with literally no direction for cooking these beets.  I tasted a piece…. blaaah just as I remembered not so tasty.  Should I make a beet salad, cook them, throw them out?  I decided to roast them and drizzle them with balsamic reduction based on a recipe I found.
I had to get a little creative with the rest of dinner.  I cooked some corn on the cob and cut the kernels off (something I’ve been dying to do).  Then I added the corn (about 1.5 cups) to a pan of sauteed onions and got a nice char on them.  Next I added some diced red pepper and let it cook.  Then I added shrimp and minced garlic.  I added about 2 Tbsp of chopped cilantro and lastly two handfuls of baby spinach leaves. Once that cooked down I added in the roasted beets.  I splashed a little more balsamic reduction over the plate and voila! I had created a new meal. My husband thoroughly enjoyed it as did I, beets and all.
Here’s a picture of the finished product.

I beat my fear of beets!