Thu. May 30th, 2024

Getting a plaster…no better getting plastered takes on a whole new meaning. I stopped by first aid box bar today which is a medical themed bar. The concept is super dope and the decor really helps bring the theme together. I mean the game operation was there.



  – A plaster is the British way of saying bandaid. 
Now go back and read that again.

My friends and my husband joined in on this excursion and we split the menu up so we could try different drinks without needing an IV.

Just what the doctor ordered.

I ordered a coffee and cigarettes… the name doesn’t exactly fit the medical them except that doctors usually run on coffee and I bet the stress of the job makes them want to smoke… none the less the drink and its presentation were amazing. It’s made of campari, picon, amaretto, orange bitters, alchemy espresso and smoke. My drink came under a glass where a piece of wood had actually been smoking. In my opinion, this is not a drink that you would want to order if you just wasn’t to throw it back. The espresso flavor is intense and the bitters…well they bit too. This drink is more of a medium paced sip drink. Overall, it lived up to its name.


Next up is the Doctor’s order. This drink concocted with Bockmans gin, antica formula, heritage beets, orange saline and strawberry. The presentation on this one was how almost every drink in the place should be presented. The martini glass was filled via syringe containing the cocktail mixture. The drink was sweet and the beet flavor was ever so slight.

The third drink was Brockwell park bramble. It was refreshing. It didnt come all fancied up like the first two but it was just as good. Perhaps it got its name from a local hospital or clinic. This drink was mixed using city if London gin, maraschino, vitamin C, fructose, plum bitters and chambord syringe.

And last but not least, the last reason you’d want to see the doctor…the open heart surgery. My only critique on this one is presentation. It could have been presented on a surgery tray or out of an IV bag.  Let’s open this cocktail up and see what is going on…Ochoa blanco tequila, union mezcal, ancho reyes verde, pimento dram, Romano pepper shrub, fresh raspberry, fresh lime and agave.

The concept of the first aid box magnificent however I think there are a few ways to elevate it even more and completely transform the experience. Having the bartenders wear scrub tops or a stethoscope like they are about to get surgical with the shit…dope. Having the shots come out in pill containers or syringes…dope. serving drinks out of the old medicine bottles (currently water is brought out this way)…dope. I want to be clear that in no way am I knocking what they’ve done. Just my opinion on how to elevate the experience.
Before I go, the foodie in me should mention they do have a small menu.  I didn’t try anything because it wasn’t the objective of this trip. Just know I saw popcorn with bacon on the menu…nuff said .

Thank you First Aid Box for your hospitality and for the awesome drinks.

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