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First things first, Boca has officially made the Top 5 Breakfast and Brunch list which you can find here .  Boca is a true gem for many reasons but the top reason has to be because it is a farm to table restaurant.  All of their ingredients are provided by local farmers.  Additionally, you can purchase items from their market; they even have fresh basil on the table (which you can also purchase). Fresh basil
There are two BOCA restaurant locations in the Tampa area.  The restaurant we frequent the most is the one in the Brandon area.  There is also a second BOCA located in the SOHO South Tampa area.  We have ordered take away for dinner and eaten lunch at the S. Tampa location in the past, but never experienced brunch.  All I will say is that BOCA brunch is an experience you have to have at least once.
As I mentioned before, we visit the Brandon restaurant location quite frequently.  We had a friend visiting from out of town so this time we brought him along for brunch.  It is only fair to give your family and friends the best dining experiences and showcase the local establishments.

To give you an idea of the atmosphere you walk into a nicely sized bar where you are free to enjoy your unlimited mimosas ( Sat & Sun only) or a cocktail of your choosing.  The dining area features a living wall where several types of lettuce are planted (and growing) which is used in their salads.  Additionally, there is a small market and veggie stand at the register where you can make a purchase on your way out. Fresh fruit and vegetables

Brunchin’ Benedict Style

If you’ve been following my blogs you probably already know what I ordered…Eggs Benedict!  While there are many brunch options to choose from, there is something to be said about a good Eggs Benedict with a perfectly poached egg.  There are only two options for Eggs Benedict on the BOCA brunch menu: BBQ Pulled Pork Benedict and BOCA Eggs Benedict.  I opted for the BBQ Pulled Pork Benedict and my friend had the latter.

BBQ Pulled Pork Benedict 

My BBQ pulled pork Eggs Benedict was amazing. Just imagine two poached eggs on top of pulled pork served on jalapeño & cheddar toast topped with cilantro lime hollandaise and house hot sauce served with a side of potato hash.  I’m honestly not sure if I came up to breathe between bites.  There is a little kick so if you can’t do spicy at all this isn’t a dish I’d recommend ordering, but if you like a little spice this is perfect.BBQ pulled pork eggs Benedict

BOCA Eggs Benedict

The BOCA Eggs Benedict were my friends selection and he didn’t share.  It’s cool, I have no hard feelings.  Now I have a reason to go back and I will definitely try them next time I stop for brunch.  This Benny is composed of Mesquite smoked ham, two poached eggs, hollandaise served on Cuban Bread and served with a side of potato hash.  My friend said the only downside to this dish was how thick the Cuban bread was.Eggs Benedict

BOCA Cubano 

My husband ordered the BOCA Cubano which is a monster of a Cuban sandwich.  This baby is stacked with smoked ham, pork & soppressata, sweet onions, gruyere cheese, Urban Canning German IPA mustard.  The garnish is  a cherry tomato and a freshly pickled pickle skewer. One bite and his facial expressions (which there is no emoji to satisfy this look) said “life”–meaning nothing greater.  The mustard was so pleasing he insisted on requesting more.  The only feedback given is that he wished the pickles were actually in the sandwich not on. Boca’s attempt at this famous Tampa original sandwich is good enough to keep up with the best of them.Cubano sandwich at BOCA

Mickey Mouse Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Secondly, I absolutely love when a restaurant is kid friendly.  My daughter ordered the chocolate chip pancakes topped with Chantilly cream and served with a size of mixed fresh fruit. Boca also made a rosemary infused maple syrup that is absolutely to die for  (I poured it all over my potatoes). Here is my daughter before she demolished her pancakes,  she absolutely loved them.  Pancakes from the kids menu at Boca

And last but certainly not least….the star of the show

Fried Green Tomatoes

Baybee!! Honey, Honey, Honey!!  These fried green tomatoes are probably the best I’ve ever had. They are knee slapping, jaw dropping, mouthgasmically good.  I absolutely love a good fried green tomato, maybe it’s the country in me.  Their fried green tomatoes are coated in bread crumbs and deep fried then topped with pimento cheese, tomato jam, bacon, micro greens and then garnished with a balsamic glaze.  The tomato jam is slightly sweet which balances nicely with the pimento cheese.  Portion size is important and these are perfect for an appetizer.  They can easily be paired with a small salad for a nice lunch option.  If I’m being perfectly transparent, I could eat these fried green tomatoes over and over and over.

I will definitely be back for brunch to enjoy some unlimited mimosas and to try something new on the menu. I definitely recommend that you try Boca’s Brunch if you are in the Tampa area.
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