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  1. Hatch– Oklahoma City, OK There are so many wonderful things that could be said about Hatch. If you read my previous post you would see why Hatch is number one but incase you missed it click HATCH to read. I’m looking forward to going back to try the rest of the menu and sip on another mimosa.


  2. The Egg and I– Tampa, FL. This is usually my go to breakfast spot. They serve an outstanding Eggs Benedict (I prefer the California) and the service is always great. Another plus is their featured flavored coffee. I don’t always try it but it’s a better option than the staple cream and sugar.


  3. Eggs Up Grill – Sumter, SC. Perhaps what i like best about this spot os that they serve the same rendition of pancakes and waffles. People usually lean towards one or the other so this is a great option. I like both so I usually choose what I’m in the mood for. During my visit I ordered the sweet potato and pecan waffles. It was like having sweet potato pie for breakfast. YUM!


  4. Oxford Exchange – Tampa, FL. It has been awhile since I’ve eaten at Oxford Exchange but when you drive by and think I should go back you know it was good. If yippy get the opportunity to eat there, try to get a table in the courtyard. The atmosphere gives you a little bit of nature and sophistication mixed together.


  5. Sunnyside Diner – Oklahoma City, OK. The food was good however this probably won’t stay in the top 5 for long. The menu boasts some unique options however lacks a waffle iron. Even if it’s just a basic waffle I feel every place that serves pancakes should be able to serve waffles. It made the top 5 because I enjoyed my eggs in purgatory which were served in a skillet, something I had never seen before.
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  1. […] Hatch Early Mood Food is a great brunch experience.  The interior has an industrial feel to it and that fits right in with the industrial district of downtown OKC.  If the inside is packed there is also plenty of seating outdoors weather permitting of course.  Hatch has earned a top spot  in the 5 best breakfast spots in America featured here. […]

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