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Top 5 Pizza Spots in Tampa Bay

Pizza is often considered one of those convenient foods. Pick up the phone call your favorite carryout and bam you have dinner in less than an hour (with a clean kitchen). Honestly over the past few months of my blogging I’ve come to realize it is more than a convenience, it is a craft. Kids love pizza, if you even mention it they go crazy. As an adult I want that same enthusiasm regarding pizza but on a more sophisticated level than just cheese or pepperoni. I want to bite into a slice of pizza and instantly jump for joy in utter satisfaction. I’ve traveled throughout the Tampa Bay area and I’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 places that have the best pie.

1. Midici

2424 Tyrone Blvd North. Ste #524B St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Veni Vedi Veci Midici which was an LA based company has recently expa

nded to the St. Pete area. This is as authentic napolean pizza as it gets.

2. Eddie and Sams

203 E Twiggs St. Tampa, FL 33602

Offering NY style pizza by the slice or a full pie in the downtown Tampa area. It’s an excellent choice for lunch. Try the eggplant parmesan for a hearty treat.

3. Ava’s

718 S. Howard. Tampa, FL 33606

Inspired Italian, wood fire pizza located in the SoHo district of Tampa Bay. Ava’s is serving up more than pizza, but their pizza was good enough to make the top 5.

4. Mellow Mushroom

The psychedelic feel makes it an out of this world experience. It’s worth a trip to Brandon, but plan accordingly there is usually a wait (and for good reason).

5. Westshore Pizza

10309 Causeway Blvd. Brandon, FL 33619

The crust is so soft. The slices are large and the prices are good. Give the white ricotta spinach pizza a try! Its amazing!!

Dinner Florida Lunch

Midici's – St. Pete's newest pizza place

Midici’s : The Napolean Pizza Company

2424 Tyrone Blvd. St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Sharing a slice of pie is what friends do. Whether in the comfort of your own home or out at a restaurant, pizza among friends is like honor among thieves – It doesn’t get any more serious.  When I received the invite to dine and looked up Midici, I was thrilled to know that a new pizza joint was coming to the bay area adding some variety to the pizza scene.  Little did I know they came to take over the number 1 spot.


DiMeo's Pizza

831 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801

After 10 hours on the road continuing to run from hurricane Irma the last thing I wanted to do was worry about dinner.  I was about to pull into my in-laws and I called ahead to see if they had any food our if I should stop first.  Of course they asked what we wanted to eat and I gave the choice to my daughter.  Her choice? Pizza…. fine that’s easy, quick and delicious.  Now I must admit, I was fully expecting regular carry out i.e. Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos you know the corporate pizza places.  But boy was I was in for a pleasant surprise.

DiMeo’s Pizza slogan is “It’s good being the best!” #goodslogan


This pizza was everything! It wasn’t the kind of “because you are starving good pizza” it was someone tossed this by hand and used grandma’s authentic Italian recipe good pizza.  It is packed with mozzarella and ricotta cheese, mushrooms, sausage and San marzano tomatoes. I literally inhaled my first slice.  The mushrooms were still juicy, tasted like they had been sauteed and quite frankly were the star of the pizza.  The ricotta cheese seemed as if it just melted with each bite.  After I ravaged my first slice,  my taste bud kindly reminded me I forgot to take a picture.  She was right… another slice was needed to ensure this awesomeness was captured. 😁

Alright… alright enough looking at my pizza slice,  if you visit Wilmington,  DE order DiMeo’s and get your own.  They also offer delivery.