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Midici’s : The Napolean Pizza Company

2424 Tyrone Blvd. St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Sharing a slice of pie is what friends do. Whether in the comfort of your own home or out at a restaurant, pizza among friends is like honor among thieves – It doesn’t get any more serious.  When I received the invite to dine and looked up Midici, I was thrilled to know that a new pizza joint was coming to the bay area adding some variety to the pizza scene.  Little did I know they came to take over the number 1 spot.


“People excite us and inspire us”  that is part of what I’d like to call the Midici code.   Everything about Midici’s has excited me and inspired me since I set foot in their door.  Their aim?  To bring friends together and I think they’ve accomplished that.  Right outside their door is two handprints which states stand here until no longer strangers.  I thought that concept was so cool.  I walked in Midici’s a complete stranger to everyone and left with friends.

A recent expansion from the Los Angeles based company brought Midici’s to the St. Pete area with a concept like no other.  I honestly think there are so many ways to do pizza but Midici’s way is superior.  First, wood fire pizza is in a category of it’s own, you can literally taste the difference between oven baked and wood fire.  Second, many of their products are non GMO products, moving them further ahead of their competition.  Lastly, their pizza is Napoleon style (which I had never really given much thought to before) meaning the dough is light and fluffy.  My only warning to you is to forget about your waistline their options will have you ordering multiple times.  I know I know you’re ready to get down to the details.

Truffle cheese bread

Upon arrival we were greeted with this wonderful truffle cheese bread.  Anytime I hear the word truffle I think fancy and expensive  (heck a little 2 oz. bottle costs me $13.00) so I was instantly excited to try it.  It blew me away,  my tastebuds literally did the happy dance.  Stuffed inside the dough was cheese and spinach.  And when it’s nice and hot the cheese pulls away nice and stringy to gives you that full affect of yum. To put it over the edge was a balsamic reduction drizzled on top.  You know it’s good when you have a 7 year old begging to eat more.  Order this for appetizer when you go and thank me later.

Truffle and Proscuitto Pizza

Since I was on a truffle roll, I figured I’d order the truffle and prosciutto pizza.  I’m glad I did because this pizza didn’t disappoint and leave me truffled out.  The prosciutto was so fresh and added the perfect amount of saltiness to balance out the truffle.  The mushrooms..OMG..they were like little morsels of yummy goodness.  Their pizza is the kind of pizza where the crust is soft and chewy but not rubbery chewy as in I have to use my molar teeth chewy.  So don’t even think about skimping on the crust.  Before I knew it, I was down to half a pizza.  I easily could have eaten the entire pizza in one sitting.


Gelato Supreme

I have this thing with ice cream that has turned into an obsession with Gelato.  So when I saw Gelato on their dessert menu, my tastebuds got ready.  Midici’s offers four different flavors at any given time but will always have vanilla bean and chocolate available.  I couldn’t decide which flavor I wanted, so they allowed me to try mini scoops of each.  The Gelato was smooth and silky and the flavors played harmonious melodies while my tastebuds danced.  I was happy ya’ll.

Left to Right:  Caramel, Mango, Vanilla Bean and Chocolate

They also had another dessert that looked absolutely glorious.. here’s a sneak peak
It is made with their Napoleon dough and stuffed with Nutella, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries then topped with coconut balsamic reduction and powdered sugar.  No wonder it’s their best seller.
Signature Calzone with fresh berries

I topped off my night with this beautiful margarita. Blackberries,  tequila, triple sec and simple syrup with lime… its the perfect start to any happy hour.
As a disclaimer I must say I was invited to Midici’s on the pretense that it was a special influencer event prior to their actual opening (every foodies dream).  My views do not reflect any of Midici’s views.  At first I was nervous because it was my first official invite to an event, however once I got there it honestly felt like I was meeting friends for a bite to eat.  Midici’s pulled out all the stops and made us feel like family.  They are extremely kid friendly and even made my little one her own special pizza (not on their menu).  I love everything about Midici’s from the vibe to the pizza to their values.  It restores my faith in humanity knowing that they believe in people.
There are many locations opening across the country.   Find the nearest one to you here and if you don’t go with a friend be sure to leave with one.
Veni Vidi Vici Midici!
Special thank you to GrandBrand for the invitation!

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