Thu. May 30th, 2024

1895 Kitchen Bar Market

510 N Franklin St. Tampa, FL 33602

Newly rebranded and only 4 weeks old is the 1895 Kitchen Bar Market and it’s bringing big flavor to downtown Tampa Bay.  Their slogan is “we are southern comfort”, which explains why their menu boasts chicken and waffles (in both a regular size and minis of you aren’t too hungry), shrimp and grits, and BBQ pork sandwich.  I mean honestly, how much more Southern or Comfort do you need?  1895 is located in the oldest building in downtown Tampa which was constructed in 1895 hence the name.  Everything about it speaks comfort from the bar staff to the decor, it’s just a real down to earth place.
One feature I particularly like is that 1895 was previously the Urban Juice Co. so they also offer cold pressed juices.  If you’ve ever experienced the Tampa heat, you’ll find that it’s a nice way to get something refreshing and healthy.

Ahi Tuna Tower

Today I was feeling a little mettle so I decided to go for something outside my norm.  The Ahi Tuna Tower is layered with spicy ahi tuna, guacamole, and sticky rice then garnished with siracha sauce and served with tortilla chips. This tower might not be stacked high, but it’s big on flavor.  The tuna was so fresh it felt like velvet and the guacamole… forget about it… it was absolute perfection.  The serving is enough for two to share, but to be honest I’m glad I ventured out alone.  If you are around during lunch and want something light but filling this ahi tuna tower is the way to go.

1895 Signature Grilled Cheese

I was trying to keep it pretty light for lunch then this awesomeness was recommended by the bartender.  Let me just tell you this grilled cheese isn’t for your five year old.  It’s featuring bacon jam, avocado, mild cheddar cheese and a fried egg.  Talk about being signature.  The egg was cooked perfectly and the yoke was just enough to bring this grilled cheese together.  Order it add bacon if you want but you have to try it. 20171002_154027

Fried Oreos

Last but not least dessert… I usually don’t indulge in dessert at lunch but when the words deep fried and oreo are put together it’s okay for you to break the rules Right?

Stop by for lunch, dinner or just to have a drink.  You’ll be treated with southern hospitality and comforted with food that has a southern twist…. after all their slogan is “we are southern comfort”.

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  1. Good descriptions…makes me want to take a ride for lunch. Hope you keep the blog going when you transfer!!!

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