Today I decided to enjoy lunch with my daughters.  After reading a fellow bloggers review of Eggs Benedict at Ava’s I thought I’d give it a try.  Silly me, forgetting brunch is served on the weekends only.  Instead of leaving to return for brunch I figured why not try their lunch menu too.  I was instantly intrigued by the wood burning stove and was hoping they had pizza on the menu – which they did.

I’m trying to expand the palette of my oldest daughter so that she will try more than just mac and cheese and hot dogs when we eat out.  She looked at the menu and decided she wanted french fries as an appetizer

The Appetizer – French Fries

The french fries were served with three dipping sauces:  Ketchup, Garlic Aioli and Roumaloude.20170724_114540


Soup of the Day

The soup of the day was a tomato and eggplant soup with pine nuts and topped with a Gorgonzola cheese.  I typically hate Gorgonzola cheese as it is closely related to blu cheese which I am not a fan of.  However, I must say that the Gorgonzola cheese paired perfectly with the tomato and eggplant soup.  I have a new respect for gorgonzola cheese and will possibly try it on other dishes.20170724_114528


The pizza we ordered was the Salsiccia pizza which boasted fennel sausage, san marzano tomatoes and ricotta cheese.  The crust was hand tossed and it was baked in the wood fire oven.  The sausage was tender and my daughter loved it.  In fact she wanted to eat just the sausage.


Ava offers sandwiches, pizza and salads on their lunch menu but if you are feeling mettle perhaps you should try their octopus salad.  My next visit I plan to try something new, adventurous…bold…moxie…mettle.



The only thing I truly found disappointing were the bathrooms.  As the mother of an infant there were no changing tables. One bathroom had a small cabinet that I used as a makeshift changing table but they was it.  I wouldn’t suggest a full renovation but something in at least one of the two women’s bathrooms would be nice.  This definitely cost FORK points.

Overall FORK Rating  picture1-e1501095068434.pngPicture1Picture1

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