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Opa! Opa! A famous saying in Greek Taverns that can be used in celebrations or to signify a mistake (such as a dish breaking). I’m still celebrating my new blog so why not join in on the celebration, right? Greek food has to be one of my favorites (who am I kidding, I think just about all food is my favorite). I love humus, feta cheese, tzatziki sauce and olives – I mean with that alone…I’m practically Greek right? I’ve visited Acropolis many times; but never as an official foodie and blogger. I figured since one of my ‘Taste Buds-Jamal’ was in town it’d be quite fitting to take him. Perhaps what I love most is that they serve you with complimentary warm bread and a tzatziki sauce. Then again it could be feelings of hangry clouding my emotions. Either way, that warm bread is definitely welcomed anytime. When we arrived it just so happened to be happy hour so we enjoyed house made sangria and margaritas.
It was now that dreaded time when the waiter has been to your table twice to take your order but you are undecided. Try something new or stuck with old faithful because you know it’s safe. Since I was reviewing and blogging I thought I’d embrace my inner mettle and try something new on the menu I had previously been afraid to try. I must say I am glad I stepped out of my box and now I have a new found love and respect for Falafel and Dolmades.

The Dolmades are grapevine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs and crumbled feta then topped with a lemon wine sauce and served with pita wedges. Although both my husband and I were skeptical at first, these dolmades surprised us and were the perfect appetizer. In fact, I’m planning on trying to recreate the lemon wine sauce myself –it was just that good.
Dolmades made with grape leaves

The Falafel was also a pleasant surprise. I didn’t know that Falafel was made from chickpeas, had I known I probably would have tried it long ago. It was made with spiced chickpeas and sesame deep fried and served with fresh roasted red pepper hummus, (yum) mediterranean salsa, and tahini but I didn’t bother trying either because the hummus was so amazing.


For dinner I had the Mousaka. I often go between the Vegetable Mousaka and the regular Mousaka known as “yaya’s recipe”. Both are so delicious that I literally do eeiny, meiny, mini, mo to decide. If you have never tried it I highly recommend it, I’d say it’s like a greek version of Shepherd’s Pie only 10x’s better. The Mousaka is made of layers of potatoes, eggplant, zucchini and onions baked with a creamy béchamel sauce over tomato sauce and topped with feta cheese. I must say that my favorite part of this dish is the béchamel sauce it is so light and creamy it just melts in your mouth.
Eggplant mousaka

Pizza! Pizza!

As the mother of two, I always love when restaurants have a kids menu. One it saves money and two my daughter has not yet embraced her inner foodie. Let’s face it, its a struggle to get children to sit still let alone try something called Mousaka or Dolmades. My daughter opted for the safe option…Pizza. Here she is enjoying it. I did get her to take one bite of my food (under a dessert bribe) and she said she liked it.

Athenian Fish Sandwich

My husband ordered the Athenian fish sandwich with a side of greek potato salad. His sandwich featured a lightly breaded and pan fried fish topped with pesto and served with a garlic dill aioli, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. I’ve had their potato salad on many occasions and I’ll start by saying don’t order this thinking it’s going to be your typical BBQ potato salad because it isn’t. If you have an open mind and are a little mettle like yours truly, you’ll love it.


My “taste bud” Jamal decided to order the Pastitsio. I had never had it before so I decided to try a little of his. It was good but very similar to my Mousaka with the béchamel and tomato sauces and the feta cheese. I personally prefer the Mousaka over the Pastitsio because I love the eggplant, zucchini and potatoes. I’m glad I tried it and it is a great option for pasta lovers.
The atmosphere is fun and welcoming to families, there is live music, belly dancing and napkin throwing. This is definitely my go-to when I want some great Greek food for lunch or dinner.
Overall FORK Rating 7/10
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  1. Opa! Love, love, love greek food. Not a fan of wine leaves at all, though…:) Vacationed in Greece and actually visited Acropolis decades ago. Mediterranean food is very healthy, light and uplifting. Now I want to be the ocean in a small Greek tavern. Sigh. 🙂

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