Thu. May 30th, 2024

My husband and I both enjoy a good meal so when I don’t cook we are always looking for new places to try.  While on vacation in Oklahoma City we decided to tour the downtown area and see what had changed in the last 10 years I’d been away from home. We happened upon  Flint which is nestled right in the heart of downtown OKC.  I polled a few friends and they gave it raving reviews.  I doesn’t take much to sway us so we decided to have brunch.  The atmosphere in Flint was upscale with a splash of down to earth.  Each table has orange velvet seats and the walls are covered in wood paneling.  My first thought was orange velvet??  I guess in hindsight the décor gives the illusion of a kindled fire which is more of a homey feel.

The Appetizer – Chicken Truffle Bites 

Chicken Truffle Bites with Thai chili and Thai Peanut Sauce
These chicken truffle bites will blow your mind.  These bites are made from pieces of dark chicken meat breaded in truffle bread crumbs then fried.  They are then paired with a sweet Thai chili sauce and a Thai peanut sauce.  Compliments to whoever made the peanut Thai sauce because that sauce is off the chain.  Only downside to this dish was that there was only three pieces of chicken.  This really needs to be a 20 piece meal like they serve at McDonalds.

The Entrée – Charred Cauliflower Steak

Charred Cauliflower Steak with Moroccan Spiced Lentils
This Charred Caulifower is amazing

For my entrée I wanted to try something different the my normal.  You know that one thing on the menu that you look at and say hmmm I wonder what that tastes like but you never order it….  Well I ordered it.  It was a cauliflower steak that was braised and charred topped with roasted tomatoes and then placed on top of a bed of Moroccan-spiced lentils in tomato cream.   This was honestly my first time trying lentils.  I was skeptical at first I must say this is something I would order again.  It was light yet filling and full of flavor.
Overall, Flint was a good experience and the first restaurant to be featured in my blog.  The only true downside to Flint is there is no general parking only valet and there is no children’s menu. To make up for menu shortfall they do offer children mac and cheese or chicken strips, but I personally think every place should have a children’s menu.  I look forward to going back for brunch one day.

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