Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

The Stein and Vine

Lunch $10.95 – $20.95         Appetizers $4.95 – $14.95

Posted on the billboard is the word Pub…nothing more. So if you aren’t a pub person you’d drive right by.  Hidden behind the tinted glass door is a true gem. The Stein and Vine is a local pub that has tons of beers on tap (many of them local) and great food flowing out the kitchen.  They open at noon daily but be sure to arrive on time otherwise you may have to wait a bit because the crowds line up at the door.


Grouper Cheek

For our appetizer I ordered the Grouper cheek, it was so moist and delicious. I mean this has to be the softest part of the fish.  When you think about soft cheeks, don’t you just want to bite them?  That was exactly what I did to these little morsels. The dipping sauce was a perfect combination and the lemon juice just took it to a whole new level and set it off.  I have no complaints here, order the grouper cheeks folks.

Duck Bahn Mi

For my meal, I wanted to order something out of the ordinary.  I love Bahn Mi sandwiches but this one was not your traditional Bahn Mi.  It had so many twists and turns flavor wise I could hardly keep up.  This Duck Bahn Mi was loaded with sliced 5 spiced duck breast, pickled vegetables, fresh jalapeño, house Kewpie mayo, cilantro, radish, unagi and topped with a fried egg in a sweet pan sabao roll. I have no idea was Kewpie mayo or unagi is but this sandwich was delicious.  My initial thought was whew there is some kick to this..then I remember it had jalapeños.  My second thought was to pull the radishes off because I’m not really fond of them.  And my third thought was to throw caution into the wind because this Bahn Mi was literally changing my life bite after bite.  I had never eaten duck before and it was so tender and moist.  And you know a sandwich is good when the juice is running down your elbow.  I secretly want to run down to the pub and order another one.

Wisco Twin Beer Brats

My husband ordered the brats, which is pretty typical for him – he loves his brats. So here is the rundown on these Brats…they were braised in beer before being thrown on the grill and topped with warm sauerkraut and caraway grilled onions, spicy brown mustard and shredded Wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese then placed in a toasted poppy seed roll.  I didn’t get a chance to try his brats because he inhaled them.  I’d say there were pretty darn good.
One of the things I like most about the Stein and Vine is that the menu changes pretty consistently.  What you ordered today may be gone tomorrow.  It forces me to eat outside of my comfort zone if I see something that peaks my interest.  The only downside is that they don’t have a dedicated menu and this is clearly stated on their menu to ask the server for options.  As usual, this mother of two takes that into consideration for my review, but I will say that my daughter finished off her grilled cheese and tator tots in record time.
Overal FORK Rating 3.0/4.0
For an explanation of my rating system visit mettle fork ratings.
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