Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Have you ever seen a place so popular its everywhere but you can’t find it? That was me until today. My social media was full of posts from daily eats yet I had been unable to find it.  Today my luck changed when I was out looking for one place and saw the name as I looked up. I made a hard right turn because they were not about to slip away.
Daily Eats has a true diner feel to it.  From the fresh made pie on the countertop to the separate bar with stools in front of the kitchen it feels like somewhere you want to go where somebody knows your name.  Breakfast is served all the time in addition to their lunch and dinner menu.  I especially loved how they incorporated the staff faces in their menu and with names like the Kong and Jersey Shore they have to be epic.

Shredder bowls

It took me awhile to decide because they had many options that sounded delicious.  I got the Tuna taco bowl which has seared yellowfin tuna, diced tomato, red onion, black beans,  corn and pickled jalapeños tossed in white balsamic vinaigrette them topped with cilantro tartar sauce and crispy tortilla strips…. pretty much true love in a bowl. You have the opportunity to play with a few ingredients such as your base: brown rice or quinoa.  I substituted my brown rice for quinoa one because I love quinoa and two its packed with nutrients. I also substituted my lettuce with kale for the same reasons.  It made my bowl taste 100% better.. in my mind at least.  The bite from the vinaigrette worked perfectly with the pickled jalapeños.  I must admit I always order my food with no jalapeños but these were so good.  Perhaps it was the pickling that transformed them into something magical.  The cilantro tartar sauce was genius, it was creamy and light with that tang that hits the back of your jaw…just what you want to coat the seared tuna.
They have two sizes a small and large… don’t order the small unless you are ordering two different bowls to taste. You will be sad as you are trying to scrap the bowl wondering where your food went. Here’s what it looked like before I inhaled it.
Daily Eats has created something special. There was buzz and excitement from the staff down to the guests. I understand the love for Daily Eats.. because I now love it too. I’ll be back so I can conquer the menu one dish at a time.

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