Breakfast and Brunch Oklahoma


Brunch is one of those meals that is best appreciated while traveling in my opinion.  You get the opportunity to see different regions and cultures flair on brunch.  While on vacation, I wanted to catch up with my cousin I hadn’t seen in a decade. Since I hadn’t been in Oklahoma City in nearly 10 years I asked her to choose the place to meet for brunch.

Hatch Brunch

Hatch Early Morning Food for brunch??  Why not andw2 since I had no clue I just went with it. Let me just start out by saying.. HONEY….she was on point with this suggestion.  I’ve been thinking about Hatch since the moment I walked out the door. Hatch is only open from 6am to 2pm meaning you don’t have time to hit the snooze button.  After just one meal, I guarantee you wake when the rooster crows just to ensure you get there in time.
Their menu gives you so many options it is truly hard to choose just one…so what did I do? The only logical thing a person would do in this situation, order two items of course lol.
They have beignets need I say more?  Beignets are little nuggets of heaven most famously  served in New Orleans.  Typically, an attempt an a beignet as good is those in New Orleans is just that a mere attempt.  The beignets at Hatch are served with three dipping sauces: an orange glaze (my favorite), peanut butter bacon and Nutella cream.
Beignets at Hatch Early Mood Food

Eggs Benedict – Tuscan Anne

I’m a fan of Eggs Benedict and I love when I can find a combination that is out of the ordinary.  In fact I love Eggs Benedict so much that it is my standard by which I rate a Brunch menu.
Eggs Benedict on Sourdough
The Tuscan Anne Eggs Benedict in all it’s glory  is served on toasted sourdough with prosciutto ham, cream cheese hollandaise, balsamic glaze and garlic roasted tomatoes served with a side of crispy hash browns.  The balsamic glaze is what really takes this Eggs Benny over the top.  I am glad I chose this one.  Albeit any choice probably would have been a great choice.
Hatch Early Mood Food is a great brunch experience.  The interior has an industrial feel to it and that fits right in with the industrial district of downtown OKC.  If the inside is packed there is also plenty of seating outdoors weather permitting of course.  Hatch has earned a top spot  in the 5 best breakfast spots in America featured here.

Lunch Oklahoma

Brunch at FLINT OKC

My husband and I both enjoy a good meal so when I don’t cook we are always looking for new places to try.  While on vacation in Oklahoma City we decided to tour the downtown area and see what had changed in the last 10 years I’d been away from home. We happened upon  Flint which is nestled right in the heart of downtown OKC.  I polled a few friends and they gave it raving reviews.  I doesn’t take much to sway us so we decided to have brunch.  The atmosphere in Flint was upscale with a splash of down to earth.  Each table has orange velvet seats and the walls are covered in wood paneling.  My first thought was orange velvet??  I guess in hindsight the décor gives the illusion of a kindled fire which is more of a homey feel.

The Appetizer – Chicken Truffle Bites 

Chicken Truffle Bites with Thai chili and Thai Peanut Sauce
These chicken truffle bites will blow your mind.  These bites are made from pieces of dark chicken meat breaded in truffle bread crumbs then fried.  They are then paired with a sweet Thai chili sauce and a Thai peanut sauce.  Compliments to whoever made the peanut Thai sauce because that sauce is off the chain.  Only downside to this dish was that there was only three pieces of chicken.  This really needs to be a 20 piece meal like they serve at McDonalds.



This is it, i actually did it. I’ve gone from a food picture taking fanatic to blogger. It wasn’t the easiest decision I’ve ever made after all this is uncharted territory for me. The concept sounded dope in my mind but getting it out for the world to see well that was its own struggle. I questioned if this was truly what I wanted to do I mean I even struggled with the name for my blog. After a four day stent with the thesaurus, numerous calls to my mother-in-law, and brain storming with my husband I came up with MettleFork. Mettle is a play on the word Metal but it is actually a word that describes me – bold, brave, adventurous, tenacious… the list goes on and on. Mettle also describes the type of food I want to eat whether in a restaurant or my kitchen. So here I am officially a blogger ready to take on this adventure fork first. There is a saying that says life begins at the end of your comfort zone but I believe it begins at the end of my fork. Food is life both figuratively and literally and I’m stepping out of my comfort zone.
Forks Up!
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